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The world’s best doctors don’t go into the profession for the money – they become doctors to help those in need. However, some countries have historically paid doctors more for their work than others.

For more than three decades, I have used my skills as a general practitioner to serve patients in many countries, some of which are on this list. Traveling so much and helping patients along the way has been a blessing.

Adjusted for standards of living provided by the same salary in different countries, here are 7 countries, ranked lowest to highest, with the best compensation for physicians. They are ranked by salary of general practitioners in each country, but information on specialists’ salaries are included as well.

  1. France

Ranking number 7 is France. They pay general practitioners an average of $92,000 per year. As for specialists, their pay is also ranked number 7 worldwide at $149,000.

  1. Canada

General practitioners in Canada are paid $107,000 annually, putting them at the number 6 spot. However, specialists in Canada receive the 5th highest average salary globally at $161,000.

  1. Denmark

Denmark is the most unique example on this list. General practitioners in Denmark are paid more than specialists. GPs make about $109,000 annually, putting them at number 5 on this list, but specialists in this country only make an average of $91,000. The salary of a specialist in Denmark is the 10th highest globally.

  1. Switzerland

On average, Switzerland’s general practitioners earn $116,000 per year – the fourth highest in the world. Switzerland’s specialists usually make around $130,000 per year, which is the 9th highest average compensation rate for specialists across the globe.

  1. Netherlands

In the Netherlands, general practitioners have the third highest compensation rate worldwide at $117,000. However, specialists in the Netherlands are well compensated at $253,000. This is the highest compensation for specialists of any country.

  1. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom pays general practitioners an average of $118,000 each year, which is the 2nd highest compensation rate for GPs worldwide. Specialists in the UK, however, make the 6th highest salary worldwide at $150,000.

  1. United States

At $161,000 annually, general practitioners in the United States, on average, make more than GPs in any other country. Specialists in the U.S. make $230,000, putting them third for highest average compensation worldwide.


Final Thoughts

The average salary for a general practitioner worldwide is $83,000, and for a specialist it is $130,000. All countries on this list pay their doctors more than the international average.

In the world we live in, money is important. However, you should not pick the country you work in solely based on the salary you will receive. You should find the country whose culture best fits your personality and work ethic.