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Piet Casier

Professional Overview

Piet Casier is a general practitioner with special interests in psychiatry. He started his career in Belgium in 1985. Since general practice is so broad, Piet meets with patients who experience a large variety of medical problems. Over the years he became more aware of the psychologic and psychiatric aspects of medical conditions, so he decided to pursue this area of health more. Ultimately, Piet realized that every disease or medical condition includes some psychological aspect. By exploring both the mental and physical aspects of his patients’ medical issues, Piet is able to provide better care to every patient he sees.

One of the best aspects of working in the medical field is getting to know each patient. Piet Casier thoroughly enjoys establishing rapport and connecting with patients in order to understand their problems, develop a plan, and help them feel better. After studying psychiatry for over five years, Piet can’t help but use his psychiatric knowledge in every patient interaction. In some cases, it is not possible to completely heal or help a patient. However, a connection can always be established between the doctor and patient, and this connection can ease a patient’s pain.

The biggest challenge of working in the medical field is dealing with the wide variety of medical diseases. It’s impossible to know everything about the human body, how it works, and how to solve every issue, yet medical professionals must be able to diagnose and refer to specialists when necessary. While the work can be challenging, Piet Casier believes that the rewards outweigh any difficulties associated with the work. Piet has found that proper communication is essential to overcoming the challenges of diagnosing a patient’s issue. Communication is not only vital to the doctor-patient relationship. Piet believes that it is one of the most important aspects of human life. Many of the issues that people face are related to communication in some way; therefore, learning to communicate properly can help a person overcome a large number of difficulties.

Lifestyle plays a crucial role in a person’s health. Piet Casier is pleased that an increasing number of doctors are paying attention to their patients’ lifestyle. Many of the problems that Piet sees in general practice are influenced by lifestyle. For example, obesity, arterial hypertension, and diabetes are just some examples of diseases that are related to lifestyle. Proper nutrition and regular exercise are some of the best preventative treatments that a patient can utilize, which is why Piet recommends them to patients.

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